GTA San Andreas: How To Peplay The Rockstar Cult Game

Rare are the games that have reasoned as much in the video game environment as Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, the Rockstar title that will have proved yet again how talented this studio was. Today still as good, you can find it on many platforms: here is how to replay!

We no longer present Rockstar Games, the studio responsible for the franchise Grand Theft Auto better known as the GTA. The developer has been able to stand out with insulting and provocative games but terribly enjoyable to play, and this since its beginnings. Do check gta 5 apk which is recently released.

A particular title in this series has marked the spirits of the current generation by its special atmosphere: GTA San Andreas, originally released in 2004 (already!) On PS2 and shortly after on Xbox and PC.

Do you feel nostalgic, and would like to play it today, in 2017? The trailer redone thanks to the engine of GTA V made you dream? The game has lost its superb graphically but not its interest, and is easily found on many platforms. Let us guide you!

How to play GTA San Andreas

In 2017, besides bringing out the good old DVDs of the PS2 and the Xbox first name, many options are available to be able to enjoy the game.

On PC with Steam

In 2008, the Rockstar title was made available on Valve’s Steam platform, so you no longer need to dust off your installation CD and find your key logged somewhere to access it!

Sold at low prices nowadays, this version has the great advantage of being able to be pushed to the maximum of its graphic capacities (for 2005, obviously) as a bonus to support the many mods of the community.

If you like playing sandbox mode with objects that have absolutely no place in the universe, this is definitely the preferred version.

If you really can not find your PS2, you still have the possibility to play it on PS4 or PS3 thanks to the classics range of Sony emerging the good old games of the time on the recent consoles.

The small bonus of these versions is that they also integrate trophies! Otherwise, it is mostly an emulated PS2 version with a good large antialiasing filter. It’s very good like that, but it obviously remains a PS2 game.

Let us be honest: Usually conversions of old games on mobile platforms are particularly bad, games are not made to function in this way.

However, Rockstar pays attention to these platforms and offers quality portages. With advanced graphics, an acceptable touch interface and (most importantly) a Bluetooth controller compatibility, GTA San Andreas on mobile is perfectly suited.

If you want to play in the best conditions, prefer to play on tablet and find yourself a comfortable Bluetooth controller!

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