How does GTA San Andreas APK work?

Step 1

Download Grand Theft Auto San Andreas APK

Step 2

Connect your android device to your PC and drag the APK to the device

Step 3

Start playing your GTA game!

Comprehensive explanation

To start off, head over to our download page and start downloading the APK. Next, connect your Android device to your computer. After that find the right folder on the device and drag the GTA San Andreas APK to that folder. Unplug your device and turn off your computer. Lastly, run the application on your phone and you should be able to play your game!

GTA San Andreas APK Download Reviews


GTA San Andreas for Android is specifically designed for that operating system, it uses alot of battery but it's sure worth the gameplay.


The APK version of the game has been in development for a long time, and was finally released for a price of $6.99.


GTA (Grand Theft Auto) is currently a huge brand, consisting of multiple games such as GTA Vice City, GTA Chinatown and GTA V which is the most recent.


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GTA San Andreas APK
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